Dementia Support

A carer at home could be exactly what is needed to get the house back into order and maintained. It might only be simple household tasks you need a helping hand with or you might require a dedicated live-in carer specially trained and qualified to give you the help precisely where you need it most.

Our In-home dementia care options provide for a personal assistant at home which could look after everything from housekeeping to meal preparation. Ram Care can offer a wide range of dementia support services. Our experienced in-home support professionals can assist with:

  • Showering, dressing and grooming
  • Prompting to take medication
  • Shopping, errands and preparing meals
  • Cleaning services
  • Respite care
  • Socialisation and community access
  • Overnight care

24-hour care

We help dementia sufferers retain the best quality of life and as much independence as possible.

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